Lost Links is a project of
Katy Vives Phipps, Óscar Valero
and Cristian Vogel.

Here you are some information about them


Vic, Barcelona, Spain 1965

Video exhibitions:

With the group Perky Pat presenting the videos
Homeostriptis, Champagne & Wine, and Psicoscopio:
- ARCO ’90, Madrid, Spain.
- Video Festival of Donostia (San Sebastian), Spain, 1991.
- Video Festival of Catania, Italy, 1992.
- Ficción-Romance, La Caixa, Barcelona, Spain, 1992.

With the group lefreak:
Monographic Poul Henningson, Barcelona. Design Year 2003, Barcelona, Spain.
20 years of the Art Supermarket, Casa Elizalde, Barcelona, Spain, 2004.

Other collaborations:
- Coldcreation gallery with Io Casino, Barcelona, Spain, 2004.
Girls under glass, Sant Agustí convent, Barcelona, Women’s Day, Barcelona, Spain, 2005
The Carnivorous Eye, exhibition of work by Rai Escalé, Iguapop Gallery and Sala Astoria, Barcelona, Spain, 2006


- Vinyl. Artists records and record covers. Museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain, 2006.

Experimental design and installations:

Poetic map. Installation Constant love beyond death. Funeral parlour of Les Corts. Forum de les Cultures, Barcelona, Spain, 2004.
- Two lefreak pieces,
Shiva and Ping-Pong, form part of the collective travelling exhibition 300% Spanish Design, which was on show at the Museum of Modern Art, Saitama, Japan (2005), Galerio de Pintura do Rei D. Luis, Lisbon, Portugal (2005), Music Palace of Athens, Greece (2006), Shangai Art Museum, China (2007), Dagao do Mar Centre, Sao Paulo, Brasil (2008) and at the MAMBO of EnlaceBogotá, Colombia (2009).
- PoreX (Servei Estació Tent). Presentation of the
Provekta system created and patented by lefreak, Barcelona, Spain, 2007.
- BAC Babylon,
Barcelona Blues, CCCB, Barcelona, Spain, 2007.
- BAC Rebel-toi. Installation/net art:
Kill, kill, kill: a freakreality, CCCB, Barcelona, Spain, 2008.

Workshops and conferences:

- Escuela superior de Diseño Elisava,
Rubish is beautiful. Conference and workshop. Barcelona, Spain, 2003
- Co-organization of
Taller de Creación audiovisual en Directo at Palo Bajo, lefreak. Barcelona, Spain, 2005
- Universidad Javeriana de Bogotá:
Rubish is beautiful. Conference and workshop, Colombia, 2006
- Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Sant Cugat, Barcelona, Spain: conference and workshop
Rubish is beautiful, 2006.
- Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Sant Cugat, Barcelona: conference and workshop
lefreak, 2007.
- Universidad Javeriana de Bogotá:
Transfreak. Conference, workshop and presentation of projects, Barcelona, Spain, 2008.
- Co-organization of workshop
Initiation to Processing, 2008, Barcelona, Spain.


Aka Riot Über Alles, Barcelona 1979

- 2003: Top grade in Illustration and Design (Escuela Pau Gargallo, Badalona).
- 2003 / 2006: Monthly collaboration with the cultural publication Lateral.
- 2004: Becomes member of the group ONG.
- 2004: Individual exposition at La Mussaranya (Bcn).
- 2004: Collective exposition at the Mataro Hospital (Bcn).
- 2005: Commissionar with other ONG members of the 1st Street Art events, CCCB (Bcn).
- 2005: Collective exposition at the Casa Groga (Bcn). ONG’s 1st retrospective exhibition.
- 2005: Publication of his collection of poems, “El Plan Cáustico” (Ed. Baile del Sol, www.bailedelsol.org).
- 2005: Action Painting for the 30th Anniversary of the Macba foundation. Macba (Bcn).
- 2006: Collective exposition at the Montana Gallery (Bcn), with Flan and Skum.
- 2007: Individual exposition at La mussaranya (Bcn).
- 2007: Performance and action painting for CreaFest 07.
- 2008: Publication of his second book of poems “Hierro Lamido” (Ed. Del Pájaro Temprano).
- 2008: Joint works (monotypes) at Rai Escalé’s individual exposition at the Iguapop Gallery (Bcn).
- 2008: Collective exposition at Kunstainer (Tarragona).
- 2008: Performance and showing of Video-art at CreaFest 08.
- 2008: Individual exposition with collaborations of Skum at the Welldone Gallery (Bcn).
- 2008: “Horror Vacui”, collective exhibition at the Montcada Gallery (Bcn).
- 2009: Collective exposition at the Niu Gallery (Bcn).

He is currently working as street artist, graphic designer and creative publicist.


Cristian Vogel is a composer and music producer, known for his experimental DJ and Live performances, studio composition and production. Born in Chile 1972 and raised in the UK, he now lives and works in Barcelona.

In 1995 he graduated in 20th Century Music Studies at Sussex University, under the tutor-ship of the British composers, Johnathan Harvey and Martin Butler.

Since then, he has recorded many unique albums, releasing on eminent experimental techno labels such as Tresor Berlin, Novamute, Mille Plateaux and other underground vinyl labels.

Cristian has been touring worldwide since 1993 as DJ and live improvisation, both as solo artist and for a period with Jamie Lidell in Super_Collider. Of late, he has been singing and playing guitar in his song-based band project Night of the Brain.

As studio remixer, he has been invited to reinterpret songs by artists as diverse as Radiohead, Maximo Park, Thom Yorke, Juan Atkins, Pedro Carneiro among many others. Cristian Vogel's producer credits include albums for Chicks On Speed, Cafeneon, Panico, VirŸs, Las Perras del Infierno and others.

In 2003, Cristian moved into the world of contemporary dance with the composition of original scores and live soundtracks for the renound Swiss choreographer Gilles Jobin. To date, he has collaborated on five critically acclaimed pieces for Jobin, which have been performed in theatres around the world, such as Theatre de la Ville in Paris and Spiral in Tokyo.

As well as dance, Cristian has been involved in other art projects with international multi-media artists - Roland Olbeter's 'Soundclusters' for Sonar Barcelona 2003, Artificiel's 'Bulbes' for the Montreal museum of Contemporary Art in 2003, Stefan Bruggeman's 'A Production of Nothing' in 2005 and ' 1000 beats 1 beat' for Pieter-jan Ginckels in 2007.

In 2008, Edicioned Minimas published a limited edition book and CDr of his lyrics and poetry, "9:09".

As if all that wasn't enough, he has also been behind four independent record labels over the years, Station 55 Records , Rise Robots Rise Records, Mosquito Records and Sleep Debt Records, as well as hosting a long running internet community known as Erutufon.

Cristian Vogel is resident producer and mastering engineer at the Station 55 Electronic Music Studio in Barcelona.